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 لطفا تا باز شدن کامل شکیبا باشید

Bathing Parrot
During a boat trip across the Gulf of Papagayo, this parrot decided that he couldn't stand the heat of the Guanacaste summer and decided to take a bath

Japanese White-Eye
Many parts of the world celebrate the opening of cherry blossoms as the first sign of spring. Okinawa is the first place in all of Japan to see them bloom

Bald Eagles
Bald eagles in Haines, Alaska

Military Macaw
Military macaw, Ara militaris boliviana

Peacock, Sarasota
Peacock in downtown Sarasota, Florida

his shot of a puffin was taken at Sumburgh Head in the Shetland Isles, where these colorfullittle birds can be seen in great numbers in the summertime


Feeding Hummingbird
A hummingbird rubs pollen over his head

Great Kiskadee
A Pitangus sulphuratus with a butterfly flying next to it; curiously they have matching colors

Bird in Tree

Short-Eared Owl
A short-eared owl on a fence post shows off its bright eyes

Pied Kingfishers
Kingfishers hunting at Queen Elizabeth National ParkUganda

Out early one morning in Howell, New Jersey, I caught the pair sitting on a log getting the morning sun. The fog was on the water and they seemed to be waiting for it to clear

Swan at Sunset
A swan on Lake Constance, Germany

White Ibis
The foamy water of the ocean appears like snow covering the feet of these ibis

Adélie Penguins
An Adélie penguin colony at Petermann Island, a low, rounded island just off the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula

Snowy Plover Chick
This is a snowy plover chick. How small this little bird is almost impossible to explain. All I could think of was that I was looking for something the size of two cotton balls with toothpicks for legs. They are that tiny. They are also well camouflaged against the sand, and they move in spurts, very fast